Labour Standards Ethical Policy

Sartex Quilts & Textiles Ltd shall comply with all employment laws and other employment legislation relevant to the business. Sartex Legislation and Regulations.


We shall comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, as details of our Health & Safety Policies and Procedures, the company shall provide a safe and healthy workplace environment and shall take effective steps to prevent potential accidents and injury to employee’s health. Employees shall have access to clean, sanitary facilities and drinking water.


Sartex does not engage in or support the use of child labour.


If the company engages any young worker (e.g. on work experience), it will ensure that risk assessments are carried out before any young worker starts work so that there are no hazardous conditions, or in any case, work more than 8 hours per day.


We shall not engage in or support the use of forced or compulsory labour.  Employees are free to leave upon reasonable notice given.


We shall not engage in or support discriminatory practices in recruitment, remuneration, ac-cess to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, religion, national or social origin, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliations, age or other conditions that could give rise to discrimination.


We shall treat all employees with dignity and respect. The company shall not engage in or abuse of personnel. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

We shall comply with all applicable laws on working hours and holiday entitlements.


We shall ensure all employees have the legal right to work in the UK.


We shall comply with regulations with regards to wages and benefits 

Suppliers & Contractors are also required to confirm it has read and understood the policy by completing, the relevant sections of the Supplier Assurance Questionnaire.


A Policy review of this Ethical Labour Standards Policy along with other supporting systems are documented in the minutes of the LSAS Management Review Meeting. 



Sartex Quilts & Textiles Ltd requires its suppliers to comply with their national laws and that we comply with the principles held within the LSAS Specification and the base code of the Ethical Trade Initiative. 


Sartex commits to continual improvement throughout the organisation and it supply chain.




Managing Director


Maqbool Ahmed