Our Pillows and Cushions are manufactured to strict standards and are produced in a range of quality and composition    
Lavender Aromatherapy Pillow
Gentle release of relaxing lavender aroma to calm down the body and help in sleep.
Hollowfibre Pillow
Synthetic hollowfibre filled pillows with polycotton cover provide outstanding value for everyday use.
Orthopaedic Pillow
Helps with neck, shoulder and back related pain and sleep disorders by supporting the neck and back
Bounceback Pillow
Extra filled with soft spiral fibres to allow better compression and support to the head. The pillows regain their shape after use.

Egyptian Cotton Pillow

200 thread count fabric to produce 100 % extra fine cotton covering. Filled with fine hollowfibre to provide a luxurious feeling.

Organic Cotton Pillow
Luxuriously comfortable pillows with natural cotton fabric produced in a chemical free environment.

Anti-Allergy PillowDust Mite resistant pillows which also prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi making them perfect for allergy sufferers Memory Foam Pillow
Shape retaining viscose elastic core filling foam pillows contours around the shape of your head to provide more support for the head, neck and shoulders.
Quilted Pillow  Fine synthetic hollowfibre filled pillows with a quilted cover for extra comfort and softness.
V – Shaped Pillow
Ideal for extra back support either in bed or in an armchair. These pillows are sumptuously soft & generously filled with hollowfibre to aid in a restful sleep.
Hungarian Goosedown Filled with the finest Hungarian goosedown to provide soft and gentle cushioning of the head over a high quality percale cotton cover. Goose and Feather Down
A combination of goose feather and down filling encased in a 100% cotton percale cover. To provide a comfortable level of support.

100% plump goosedown provides an exceptionally comfortable pillow with gentle and soft support.


Duck Feather and Down
A great value natural filled pillow with 100% cotton cover encasing duck feather and down filling.


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