Quilted Mattress Toppers  


Our Mattress Toppers provide extra comfort on top of the mattresses to reduce wear and provide a comfortable and relaxing sleep. They come with 100% cotton cover and polyester hollowfibre filling with easy care properties.

Normal Fill Mattress Toppers
100 gsm filling of fine quality hollowfibre in a polycotton cover for an excellent protection over the mattress.
Double Fill Mattress Toppers
Mattress Protectors filled in with 200 gsm hollowfibre filling for a feeling of extra comfort on top of the mattress.
Extra Fill Mattress Toppers
300 gsm hollowfibre filled mattress protectors in a fine polycotton cover.
Anti-Allergy Mattress Toppers
Dust mite resistant quilts which prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi making them perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers. They are also non allergenic and prevent odour build up.

Extreme Filled Mattress Toppers
Sumptuous filling of 400 gsm fine synthetic fibres for high loftness and comfort for that luxurious and comfortable sleep.

Deluxe 100% Cotton Mattress Toppers Hollofibres encased in a fine quality 100% cotton cover for that rich and comfortable feeling on top of the mattress.
Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Shape retaining viscose elastic core filling foam toppers that contours around the shape of the body to provide more support for

the head, neck and shoulders.

Soft As Down Mattress Toppers

100% natural cotton down proof cover over polyester microfibre fillings to provide extra softness. They are also non allergenic

and machine washable.

Fire Retardant Mattress Toppers

PYROVATEX® treated finish on cover fabric to reduce the risk associated with fire hazards. Non allergenic and machine washable,

they are ideal for hotels, hospitals, care homes and student accommodations.

Water Proof Mattress Toppers

Water proof chemicals treated cover fabric to protect your mattress from spills . Filled with hollowfibre, these mattress protectors

provide the added comfort too.

Egyptian Cotton Mattress Toppers
200 thread count fabric to produce extra fine 100 % cotton covering. Filled with silky hollowfibre to provide a luxurious feeling.





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