Synthetic Fibre Filled Quilts

We have developed a wealth of experience in designing and producing quilts for top retailers. We offer an extensive range of quilts to suit our customers’ varied needs

Hollowfibre Quilts

Non allergenic and durable, these 100% polyester hollowfibre filled quilts with polyester cotton cover fabric provide comfort and warmth at a good value.



Anti-Allergy Quilts

Dust mite resistant quilts which prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi making them perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers. They

are also non allergenic and prevent odour build up.

Microfibre Quilts – with Microfibre filing

Luxurious quality higher thread count down proof cover fabric encasing slick and siliconised microfibres of a fine denier (thickness)

which gives excellent loft and thermal properties.


Microfibre Quilts – with Microfibre cover

Filled with 100% superfine hollowfibre filling to provide extra loftness. These quilts have 100% polyester microfibre cover fabric with a

peached finish to the fabric for extra softness.

Egyptian Cotton Quilts

200 thread count fabric to produce extra fine 100 % cotton covering. Filled with silky hollowfibre to provide a luxurious feeling.


Organic Cotton Quilts

Luxuriously comfortable quilts with a natural cotton fabric produced in a chemical free environment.


Feels As Soft As Down

100% natural cotton down proof cover over polyester and microfibre filling to provide extra softness. They are also non allergenic and

machine washable.


Flame Retardant Quilts

PYROVATEX® treated finish on a 100% natural cotton cover, These quilts reduce the risk associated with fire hazards. Non allergenic and machine washable, they are ideal for hotels, hospitals, care homes and student accommodations.



Percale Quilts

100% hollowfibre filling is encased in percale quality cover fabric to provide extra softness to the quilts.


4 Season’s Quilts

Combining quilts of two different tog ratings to provide all year round usage to cater for all seasons of the calendar year. The two quilt option allows them to be used according to the required warmth – two together for cold winters and separately for varying temperatures of spring , summer and autumn.


Our 4 season’s quilts are available in combinations of ‘hollowfibre’, ‘anti-allergy’, ‘microfibre’, ‘down proof’, ‘organic cotton ‘and ‘feel as soft as down’ quilts.

Corovin Quilts

Budget end duvet consisting of 100% polypropylene fibres. Fully machine washable duvet that provides warmth with less weight offering superb value.


Hungarian Goosedown

The statement of ultimate luxury in duvet comfort, these duvets are filled with the finest Hungarian goosedown and are encased in high quality percale cotton to provide finest warm soft duvet.


100% goosedown fibre filling provide an exceptionally comfortable duvet with soft and warm comfort.


Goose and Feather Down

A combination of goose feather and down filling make for a warm, breathable and comfortable duvet . Encased in a 100% cotton percale cover for that luxurious feeling over your body.

Duck Feather and Down

A great value natural filled duvet with 100% cotton cover encasing duck feather and down filling.




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