Our Customers

Sartex - Your Trusted Partner in Offering Excellence and Innovation in Textiles

Sartex takes immense pride in establishing strong collaborations with our distinguished customers across hospitality, retail, and e-commerce sectors. We are dedicated to providing premium textiles and bedding products to both brick-and-mortar and digital marketplaces worldwide.

Our commitment to exceptional quality and top-tier service is unwavering, with a minimal MOQ commitment. We assure our customers of sustainable production practices, from thread to finished product, ensuring our fabrics are crafted with eco-friendly methods, adhering to all international standards.


Sartex is proficient in designing exclusive private label bedding ranges for our retail clients. We nurture long-lasting, productive relationships, serving as their primary bedding textile provider. We aim to understand each retailer’s brand and interests, introduce novel and appealing fabrics, and curate seasonal collections we believe their clientele will adore. Our skilled teams handle all the complexities, assisting our clients in crafting luxurious, high-quality private label bedding lines that are always in sync with their brand.


Sartex aids our E-commerce clients in bringing their vision of selling superior, comfortable, and luxurious bedding online to life, utilizing our extensive industry experience and knowledge. Our comprehensive luxury bedding solutions are designed to be seamlessly transparent; we strive to share our insights on fabric selection, production timelines, and particulars on delivery, shipping, packaging, costs, and more.


Sartex provides an extensive range of textile products, including bed linens, comforters, pillows, towels, and more, to the hospitality sector comprising hotels, eateries, resorts, and more. We offer comprehensive textile solutions, ensuring every client receives the fabric, style, and final product that optimally aligns with their requirements, consistently maintaining superior quality.